O.C. Spot Check: Lobster Shanty, Fenwick Island

Not too far from the chaos of Ocean City lies the gorgeous Rt. 54 also known as Lighthouse road. A few really great restaurants are set up right on the water and the Lobster Shanty is definitely a gem on the marsh.

I had the pleasure of working at The Shanty last summer and besides having the best job at the restaurant of running the parking lot and working valet, which allowed me to relax and talk to patrons outside, I got to sample the food and have a few drinks there myself.

The menu is frankly stacked. A personal favorite for me was the Lump Crab Burger, which consists of a lump crab cake on top of a delicious steak burger covered in cheddar cheese, but you can’t go wrong with the Kobe Steak and Cheese with Au Ju.

In the lobster realm everything is on point. Weather you want to get a full lobster, lobster tail, lobster macaroni and cheese or a lobster quesadilla all will satisfy.

Now for the record, I don’t work at The Shanty now, nor do they know I’m writing anything about the restaurant. The restaurant has great food and there is an excellent view of the marsh throughout the entire restaurant. If the grind of finding a table in town or dealing with traffic has you in the mood for a different dining experience, the Lobster Shanty is an excellent spot.

Word to the wise though, this place will get as packed as most other restaurants in OC so calling in for reservations or eating there for lunch instead of dinner might be your best bet.

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