Dikla Sibony: Glimpsed in Ocean City

"I dress very sexy, I like tight stuff," says Dikla Sibony. The 24-year-old native of Israel was "glimpsed" wearing tight overalls over a black tank top, black bag and black heels while on vacation in Ocean City.. The look: Tight black thick-strap tank top. Form-fitting dark denim overalls with studded side pockets and a zipper across the middle. Large black leather bag. Pointy-toed black shoes with a tall, spiked heel. Where it came from: The tank top is from Sensations in Ocean City. The overalls are by an Israeli designer, Balagan. The bag and shoes are also from Israel. Self-described style: "I wouldn’t say I have a specific style. I wear whatever I like." Where she shops: "I love the stores in Israel, but I also love Sensations in Ocean City. They have great clothes." Some of her favorite things: "I have one dress that I really love. These overalls are my favorite; they always look good." Katherine McNaboe, Baltimore Sun
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