Glimpsed at Ocean City: La'Wanda Wilkerson

La'Wanda Wilkerson, 28, couldn't wait to debut her funky rainbow colored earrings she found in a New York City boutique, and we noticed them when we glimpsed her on the boardwalk in Ocean City. The Manassas, Va., resident paired the find with the white bikini adorned with rainbow logos by Ralph Lauren, which was a virtual steal at Burlington Coat Factory. The bikini also matched this layered, white cotton skirt. Her straw hat was purchased at Kohl's. The blue studded sandals we're purchased at Five Below. Her bracelets are from a New York City boutique. She purchased the sunglasses from a boutique in D.C. Her various rings are family heirlooms. Her beach bag was purchased at Bath and Body Works. "I wear whatever looks good, is fiscal, and stylish," said the fashionista. "I'm frugally fashionable."
Karl Merton Ferron, Baltimore Sun
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