Stacey Williams, Glimpsed at Galaxy 66 Grill

Stacey Williams is a former New Yorker who still dresses the part. But she's also a hairstylist whose job requires her to wear one color. "I work for Paul Mitchell products, so I have to be in all black," says the 32-year-old Brooklyn native who was recently "glimpsed" at Galaxy 66 Grill in Ocean City. Williams moved to Ocean City eight years ago to be near her parents, but she's grown to like it. "What's great about here is that it's so centrally located. I go to the beach, but I'd rather go to the pool looking cute." The look: Dark-rinse blue jeans, black top with ruching, reptile print handbag, high-heeled black and gray sandals, and black military-style hat. Where it came from: The jeans from Express and the top from White House/Black Market. The bag is from Guess and the shoes are by Michael Kors. The hat was a gift from a friend in New York. "She saw it in the city and said she had to buy it for me - it had my name written all over it." Self-described style: "Anything that's fun. I like going into little boutiques and finding little pieces that I can mix and match. I take signature stuff and mix it up. I love having on, like, Prada jeans and the cheapest top." Where she shops: "I'm really, really big into Marshalls or TJ Maxx to pick up cute little tops. About every six weeks, I have training near Tysons Corner. I like Cache and Guess, BCBG. And I'm also into White House/Black Market, mostly because of my job." Some of her favorite things: "Definitely hats and shoes. I'm always in very high heels because I'm only 5-foot-2," Williams says. "I have 10 different styles of fedoras. And I have different newscap hats. It's weird because I'm a hairstylist, but a hat just changes the style of your outfit. ... Instead of just using jewelry to accessorize, I use hats." -Michelle Deal-Zimmerman, Baltimore Sun
Kim Hairston, Baltimore Sun
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