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Bay & Beach

A suite treat on the beach in Bethany

It's after Labor Day, so at this point in summer everybody is either thinking about school or football. So that means they're not thinking about the beach — good news for Marylanders who want to avoid crowds. It's an especially good time to check out a few new places to stay. One option is the Bethany...




  • Photos: Carnival 2016

    Photos: Carnival 2016

    Revelers around the world, from Brazil to Germany, take part in extravagant Carnival celebrations leading up to the Christian season of Lent -- a period of fasting and sacrifice.

  • World's 25 best family beach resorts

    World's 25 best family beach resorts

    These luxurious beach resorts are perfect for every family, according to Travel + Leisure. Not only can families take it easy on the sandy beaches, but each hotel has tons of activities for families to do together, like kayaking, hiking and paddle boarding. But they also offer features just for...

  • Photos: Best travel experiences of 2016

    Photos: Best travel experiences of 2016

    Looking for a new experience to covet during your travels this year? Lonely Planet has come up with an e-book that will lay out your options. 

  • Weirdest U.S. roadside attractions

    Weirdest U.S. roadside attractions

    On a typical road trip, travelers will need to make a few stops along the way to satisfy basic human needs. But why not make those stops more fun? Why not make the traveling more important than getting to the destination? Here is a list of some of the weirdest roadside attractions in the United...

  • Black History Month travel destinations

    Black History Month travel destinations

    African-American History Month began as "Negro History Week" in February 1926, initiated by historian Carter G. Woodson to recognize achievements related to the Black Diaspora. But in those days, getting to places with events celebrating those feats wasn't easy for people of color, as wide-ranging...