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Travel Apps and Road-tested Gear

The well-packed traveler may be carrying more than a suitcase. Need to know what to stock in your iPhone or what gear will make your trip easier? We've got the buzz on some of the latest apps for your smartphone as well as the best travel accessories to help you get where you're going.

  • Best Travel Apps: Don't Leave Home Without Them

    Best Travel Apps: Don't Leave Home Without Them

    By KORKY VANN | Want to have a fun, hassle-free, deal of a summer vacation? There's an app for that. (Actually, there are a number of apps for that.) Apps to help you map your route, track your flight, find the cheapest gas and hotel rooms. Apps to organize your travel details,...

  • An adventure camera

    An adventure camera

    Name: Pentax WG-III GPS camera

  • Women's warm-up

    Women's warm-up

    Name: Heat Holders

  • Sun backs up battery

    Sun backs up battery

    What it is: A rugged, water-resistant lithium battery with a built-in solar panel for power on the go. It has a micro-USB input that allows you to charge it before hitting the road. The 2.1A USB output is powerful enough to charge a tablet. When you're out and about, the 6-inch square solar panel...

  • A mobile tracking device

    A mobile tracking device

    Name: StickNFind Sticker

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