Morgantown, W. Va.

Distance from Baltimore: 210 miles, about a 3-1/2-hour drive Why it's worth the gas: This college town gets high marks for its pleasant atmosphere and easy access to the great outdoors. Just outside of town, Coopers Rock State Forest and Cheat Lake offer many options for recreation, including whitewater rafting, boating, hiking, bike riding, swimming and more. Don't miss: Visit the town of Arthurdale, affectionately called "Eleanor's Little Village" after Eleanor Roosevelt, and capture the essence of a 1930s city and era. This was the country's first town under the New Deal Homestead legislation created by Franklin D. Roosevelt. The town was home to many displaced minors and workers. This historic landmark still has 160 of the 165 homesteads. Included is a museum that exhibits paintings that depict the town's history. Information: Go to
Doug Kapustin, The Baltimore Sun
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