Chris Coudon

I live in Bel Air and vacationed in several cities throughout Belgium, a northern European country roughly the size of Maryland. This photo was taken in Bruge by my wonderful husband during a late evening stroll around this beautiful, meticulously preserved medieval town. Bruge, sometimes referred to as "The Venice Of The North," because of its many canals and bridges, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As there are more horse drawn carriages than cars on the streets of Bruge, its cobblestone streets are perfect for relaxing walks, chocolate shopping, museum visiting, or just taking in the outstanding 12th century Gothic architecture of its cathedrals, belforts, and guild houses. Bruge's art filled history includes the development of medieval painting, being the birthplace of the school of Flemish Primitives. With over 500 breweries in Belgium, there were frequent opportunities to sample the award winning Belgian beers. Bruge should be considered a "must see" on any visit to Belgium.
Chris Coudon's husband, Baltimore Sun
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