West Virginia: Hot dog festival

If you’re planning a visit to West Virginia and you’re a fan of that all-American summer classic, the hot dog, then you’re in luck. This Saturday is the Day of the Dog, a celebration of hot dogs and other stuff. It’s just a big West Virginian festival — but there is a cause. The festival benefits a local children's hospital. There will be a hot dog-eating contest, along with car and motorcycle shows, music, all-you-can-eat hot dog sampling and, best of all, a root beer-chugging contest. Not that chugging root beer is any more difficult than chugging, say, water — aside from the burping spree that will inevitably follow. It's just that root beer seems a bit more West Virginian. The festival is at Pullman Square and Third Avenue in Huntington, W. Va. For more information, go to wvhotdogfestival.com.
Taylor, Barbara, Baltimore Sun
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