Mark Philippoussis of 'Age of Love'

Mark Philippoussis of 'Age of Love'

Some have been married before, some haven't. Some have kids, some don't. And they range in age from 21 to 48, which is really the point.

They are the 13 women taking part in NBC's summer series "Age of Love," which will feature them all chasing reality-TV stardom and former top-10 tennis pro Mark Philippoussis. The show, hosted by "All My Children" star Mark Consuelos, is scheduled to premiere Monday, June 18.

The show's hook is that the women will be divided into two groups -- the "Kittens," who are all between 21 and 27 years old, and the "Cougars," who are between 38 and 48. Neither group is aware of the other at first, and Philippoussis is also in the dark about the concept, knowing only that he's appearing on a dating show.

Among the contestants are a college student, a photographer, a medical technician, a vice president of a real-estate company and the executive assistant to Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss. Five of the "Cougars" have been married before, and two have kids.

The 13 contestants are:

Name: Angela
Age: 40
Occupation: Property manager
Hometown: Lakeside, Mich.
Notes: Married twice, 21-year-old son

Name: Jayanna
Age: 38
Occupation: Mortgage loan officer
Hometown: Newport, Calif.
Notes: Married once

Name: Jennifer
Age: 48
Occupation: Executive assistant to owner of L.A. Lakers
Hometown: Carson, Calif.