Wednesday night, we got a look at some "Secret Millionaires," a new series here on FOX. A group of teenagers in West Michigan paid special attention to the show: an old 'friend' of theirs got a big surprise.

The Neland Avenue Christian Reformed Church Youth Group went to Boothville, Louisiana in June 2007. They saw massive devastation following Hurricane Katrina, but they also met a special man named Reverend Ted Turner. Landon Seely remembers that, "These people had so little yet they were so willing to give everything they had."

Wednesday night, the group watched as Reverend Turner's life was changed with an unexpected gift from a millionaire. His own house, destroyed by Katrina; all that was left was the foundation. "This guy, Pastor Turner, is not only the pastor and a community leader, he's also a contractor, who knows everything about the community and every individual house and what needs to be done," Blake de Jong remembers.

On the premier night of the FOX show, 'Secret Millionaires', Rev. Turner got a visit from the Graves, a couple he thought was down and out themselves. The graves saw the same spirit in Rev. Turner that the Neland Avenue C.R.C. Youth Group saw, and gave him a check for $100,000.

While the young adults in the youth groups couldn't give the gift of money, just as important, they gave the gifts of time and love, perhaps inspiring Rev. Turner to keep going after years of struggles and turmoil.