Seven West Michigan teams play for a state title this weekend with four of them from Muskegon county. That means the seats at Ford Field were chocked full of Westside fans.
From the big red band outside to the crusader cheerleaders inside, it was time for Muskegon county football. Catholic central played Friday morning, Muskegon mid-day, and Montague Friday evening.

Four Muskegon teams played for titles against teams from all over the state. And everyone wanted to know what's in their water. Willie Cunningham, a Muskegon Little League Football Coach, says it's no secret, it all starts with the kids. "A lot of them still call me coach."

Cunningham's coached little league football for decades. Many of these bid reds were his little reds at one time. "We got all kinds of programs for kids playing football," said Cunningham. "And they start at four years old, a lot of them."

University of Michigan lineman and possible NFL draft pick Terrance Taylor is apart of that heritage. "It's football country," said Taylor.

Back at his first game since he graduated four years ago Taylor's proud to see his home town well-represented. "We take it seriously, players are dedicated, coaches are dedicated," Taylor said. "Fans are dedicated, it means a lot to us."

With three teams playing back to back to back it is not rare to find someone with ties to all three teams.

Dan Campbell, a Muskegon football fan said, "I graduated from Muskegon, both my daughters graduated from Catholic Central, and I got a nephew playing for Montague."

Campbell came to Ford Field for the long run--nine hours of football.

It's able to happen Campbell said, because of a migration to the west coast. "The population is changing in Michigan, West Michigan is getting more populated, our athletics are getting stronger."

So while fans would like to hope that Muskegon County dominance is the start of a new tradition, most know that these state finals are something special.

So far, the Muskegon faithful are 3 and 0.

The Oakridge Eagles go for the county sweep tomorrow. The D-5 final starts at 4:30p.m.