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Dear Sponsors, Family and Friends,


Oh my goodness it is cold at home (Grand Rapids, MI, 22 degrees F). 


I just arrived here last night after spending a week in Florida decompressing from my last two events in Asia and all the travel that went along with them.  I am definitely back on East Coast time, though it did not come easy.  I had a few few sleepless nights and just as many exhausted days, but a week's worth of jet lag is definitely worth the experiences I had at my last two events in Korea and Japan. 


Korea was such a nice surprise.  The accommodations were first-class, most of the hotel staff spoke English, the food was amazing, and downtown Seoul is one of my new favorite cities.  The golf course was also in perfect condition and possibly the most challenging course we played all year.  The weather was cooler and we all wore stocking hats and multiple layers, which I didn't mind at all.  After a solid finish in China, I was excited to compete.  My putting had let me down in China but after a few days of work I felt it was going to be an asset in Korea.  Unfortunately, my ball-striking went a bit wayward and I shot 71-76-76 for a disappointing finish.  The golf course set-up and the windy conditions just did not allow for that many poorly executed golf shots.  Sometimes you just don't play well.  Although the golf wasn't great, the rest of the week in Incheon, Korea was amazing.  I got to know so many more of the caddies and players on tour and made some friendships that I am glad I will have going into next year.  Off to Mie, Japan.


One of the best parts of all these Asian events is how well we were taken care of.  My travel was arranged for me for each event and our luggage was transported and delivered to our hotel rooms without any hassle.  Originally, I was concerned about the difficulty of travelling with my clubs and all my luggage, but it could not have been any easier, love being spoiled. :)  We left for Mie, Japan Monday morning and arrived to a beautiful resort hidden in the mountains set on a small sea inlet.  It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in the world.  The resort was closed for the week just for the LPGA players and caddies.  So for the first time all year, all the caddies and players were in the same lodging for the week.  The ping pong tournaments, the darts, the hot tub, and the midnight swim in the sea made for a very entertaining week.  The golf wasn't bad either. 


The golf course was in very good shape and was a lot of fun to play.  Three of the four par fives could be reached in two and there were loads of birdie holes.  I shot 73-67-70, tied for seventh and had my third top ten finish of the year.  I was pleased with my weekend play and where I finished but I had left my last three birdie putts short and was sick about it.  One more birdie would have had me finishing fourth and nearly doubled my earnings.  However, it didn't take me too long to realize that it was a perfect way to end my season, it left me full of confidence and yearning for more.


My 2008 season has officially come to an end.  I did not qualify to play in the ADT this week but will be making that a goal for next year.  As much as my body needs this break, I wish I were still playing and am excited to work on my game this winter.  I have my sights set on winning my first tour event and becoming a member of the USA Solheim Cup Team.  With my two top ten finishes in the last three weeks, I have moved up the Solheim points list and have completely convinced myself, and hopefully the captain (Beth Daniel), that I am capable of being one of the best Americans on tour.  My entire off season regiment will be motivated by that fact.


People keep asking me what I have thought of my year. I believe most of you will agree with me when I say, it was great season that has shown me that I am capable of so much more.  I have never been one to sit back and be content with anything in life, which is probably why I chose to be a professional golfer, there will forever be a carrot to chase. However, I am not so inept to ignore the numerous lessons I have learned throughout the year.  I have shared most of them with you and will continue to as my career progresses.  My doubts and fears will continue to be my biggest challenges but it helps to be able to discuss them with all of you and to receive all your feedback, which I thank you all so much for.  In the end, however, it is sharing the moments of enlightenment and success with all of you that make this journey worth it.  I don't think I could bear the loneliness that goes along with this lifestyle if I knew there weren't so many people following each event and, in many cases, every hole. 


I know this e-mail has become a bit lengthy but it is the last one you will receive from me until the 2009 season.  I will be in Florida the beginning of December and, other than Christmas, will be there until I leave for my first event in February.  I will definitely be able to do a better job of responding to all your e-mails over the next few months so please don't hesitate to contact me. 


Thank you all again for all your love and support. 


Happy Winter