GRAND RAPIDS - A documentary featuring Betty Ford is set to air Monday, March 16th. Its entitled Betty Ford, the Real Deal.

The film covers Mrs. Ford's move into the role of first lady.

"The day Nixon left the White House she felt like there was a huge weight on her shoulders and she was worried about stepping in to this role," said Film Producer Mary Beth Durkin.

And the issues she faced such as putting her own career on hold to help her husband, raising her children and speaking out about breast cancer and her own problem with alcohol.

"And she had the courage to talk about that publicly and really had an impact especially on women," said Durkin.

The documentary shows Mrs. Ford was not the typical republican first lady. She was a former dancer, a buyer for a major department store and a divorcee. It shows she also gave the women of the era a voice.

"She became a symbol for woman. Making it okay to disagree with your husband and have ideas of your own that were separate from your husband," said Durkin.

The filmmakers say Mrs. Ford's impact was huge because she was determined to be herself.

The film's producer was in Grand Rapids Thursday, for a private screening of the documentary.

PBS is creating documentaries on modern first ladies. Betty Ford is the second film. Nancy Reagan is scheduled to be the next first lady covered.