Did allegations of mishandling of evidence lead the Michigan State Police to get out of the Julia Dawson murder investigation? Judge James Robert Redford should rule whether a state police memo/attorney general report is admissible this morning. The defense is using the issue, as the trial continues in the case against Timothy Dawson.

On Thursday, defense attorney Charles Rominger brought up a state police memo, outlining concerns over the handling of evidence by the Kent County Sheriff's Department, concerns that allegedly led state police to withdraw from the investigation. Friday, Detective Sergeant Richard Miller with the Michigan State Police was asked about the issue by Rominger.

"You were reassigned to another matter, is that correct?," asked Rominger.

"Yes sir," replied Miller.

"That was at your request, is that correct?," asked Rominger.

"My request?," said Miller.

Judge Redford ruled the question could not be answered, nor considered by jurors. The defense could use the alleged dispute to create a question of credibility.

Julia Dawson disappeared from her home in Sparta December 11, 2004. She was found January 3, 2005, off a Montcalm County road, apparently strangled to death. Three years later, police arrested her husband, Tim Dawson and charged him with murder.

Friday the victim's mother Tami Keenan recounted a conversation two days before Julia was killed. "We talked about a friend of my husband's and mine who is 40-something and still lived with his parents at home and I said she could not stay that long, and she kinda laughed said get my room ready I'm coming home," said Keenan.

Julia's mother continues her testimony this morning (Monday) as well. Keep checking this blog for periodic updates in the trial of Timothy Dawson, and watch FOX 17 News for wrap-ups of the day's events.