Family and friends of Eric Wells were bitterly disappointed Friday after failing to meet with Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi.

Wells was killed when IMPD Officer David Bisard plowed his patrol car into two motorcycles. Tests showed Bisard's blood alcohol level to be .19 but the DUI charge was dropped due to a botched investigation.

Friday, Wells' widow and friends took a petition with more than 5,000 signatures to Prosecutor Brizzi's office, hoping to persuade him to pursue the DUI case.

They left when Brizzi failed to show up for his appointment.

"This is unprofessional, it's disgusting how this has all been handled. As you can we sat there and waited 40 minutes and no one has gone ahead and picked these petitions up for us as scheduled," said Dennis Graham, friend of Eric Wells.

Brizzi's office said he was unable to make the meeting because he was still in court for a hearing on the hovey street murder case.