UPDATE: Friday, the town of Versailles is mourning the death of a fallen hero. To his family, John Bishop was more than just a soldier and he gave them memories they won't forget. Memories that through this tough time, still make them smile.

"We were all going to surprise him at the airport and whenever we got there we all were looking one way and he was going to come in this way. He'd come in behind us and said what are you all doing here? So he surprised us," said his brother Michael Bishop.

To those who knew him, 25-year-old John Bishop was so full of life and laughter. The marine was on his third tour of duty, this time in Afghanistan. He arrived there in July and was expected home again in February but he was killed on Wednesday.

"He was a mighty fine soldier but he was our brother so it's really hard when it hits home," said Michael.

It's a pain that's being felt by so many, his wife Crystal is a U.S. Marine too and she's pregnant with their first child, their daughter. His mother along with six brothers and two sisters are grieving as well as his four-year-old son from a previous marriage.

"He loved his children. This is his son Kashawn there (points to a photograph) and this is the man we knew," said Eric Thomas, also brother to John.

The Versailles community is paying their respect to their fallen hero. They've lowered the flags to half staff at the soldier monument on the town square.

"He loved serving his country. That was his job and he was looking forward to getting this one over with," said Michael.

Getting it over with so he could be with family he loved so much. Bishop had plans to leave the Marines and be a conservation officer.

"I hope we can honor his name the right way," said Eric.

"Yeah, he's really gonna be missed," added Michael.

U.S. Marine John Bishop will be buried in Versailles next week.


An Indiana Marine from Versailles has died while serving in Afghanistan. Marine Corporal John Bishop was killed during an ambush on his convoy after suffering a gunshot wound to the chest.

Bishop was on his third tour of duty, serving the first two in Iraq. Bishop planned to leave the military in February.

The 25-year-old leaves behind his wife, who is also a marine. She is pregnant with the couple's first child. Bishop also has a four-year-old son.

His mother currently lives in Columbus. Bishop's family said marine loved the outdoors and hoped to become a conservation officer when he returned home.