An Indiana Rail Road Company train headed to Indianapolis derailed in Bloomington.

Thirty-five of the 100 train cars went off the tracks at 2:52p.m. Sunday.  Part of Garrison Chapel Road in Bloomington near the tracks will remain closed for a minimum of 48 hours.

Mick Miller who lives nearby heard when it happened.  "I was standing outside heard the train down the tracks nothing unusual and then all of a sudden I just heard metal sliding," he said.

Each train was carrying 118 tons of coal.  The train cars knocked down a stop sign.  "As I pulled up I could see it was actually all mostly right here at the intersection," Miller described.

The train was on its way to Indianapolis from Sullivan County, when the engineer noticed something wrong.  "Apparently whenever there's a problem, the train will automatically shut down.  It goes into emergency mode," Monroe County Sheriff's Sgt. Troy Thomas said.  "The engineer, at that point, realized there was a problem.....that's when he realized he lost the majority of his load," Sgt. Thomas said.

The initial investigation by the Monroe County Sheriff's Office revealed the train possibly derailed because of the heat.  But, Christopher Rund with the Indiana Rail Road Company, does not believe that was a factor at this time.  "It would be purely speculation, at this point.  We have a lot of recovery work to do and a lot of investigation, before we can get to the bottom of what caused it," Rund said.

Sgt. Thomas said it appears no one was injured.