IMS President Tony George surfaced at noon Wednesday to knock down reports his three sisters and members of the IMS Board want him ousted from the front office. Reporters asked George straight out if there was a vote to boot him.

"No, there wasn't I am still CEO and President of the Motor Speedway Corporation,"

But Speed TV and analyst Robin Miller says George and his family are now concealing the truth. Miller broke the story Tuesday morning saying the Board met Tuesday and decided they wanted Tony out as CEO. Miller says Tony George's sisters have been frustrated for years with their brother's spending of the race dynasty's fortune to improve the track and the IRL.

"They've watched Tony run the track for thirteen years and spend their inheritance, and that's why they're upset they're worried about their kids," said Miller. Miller would not say who his source is but he said it is not a member of the IMS Board. Late Tuesday IMS released a statement refuting the story saying it is completely false.

"They (The George's) do not want to look like a dysfunctional family," said Miller who feels the Board may allow Tony to keep his CEO title but will strip him of his powers to manage the purse strings or call the shots on spending at the track.

"I don't recall seeing Robin in the room(at our Board meeting) so I don't know where he gets his information or what his source is but apparently it's not a very reliable one," said George.

"My source is impeccable," said Miller. "Actually it's sources, plural."

The IMS statement quoted Tony's Mother Mari George, IMS Chairman saying " There was a general discussion about the challenges and opportunities facing all our companies." The statement went onto say "all our racing properties are doing well."

But Miller says that's not true. He reports the Speedway currently has two Challenger airplanes for sale, sold a helicopter used by the George family, and cut 60 staff member from IMS and IRL in the past six months.

Miller reports Tony has spent approximately 600 million dollars for track improvements and IRL race related spending in the last thirteen years.

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