Super Bowl street closures for Broad Ripple announced

Several Broad Ripple streets will be closed in the week leading up to the Super Bowl.


Downtown Indianapolis isn't the only area of the city whose traffic will be affected by the Super Bowl. Broad Ripple will also hAvenue several street closure and route modifications in place.

The following changes will be in effect from Wed., Feb. 1, until Monday, Feb. 6:
  • Broad Ripple Avenue will be closed from the west side of Winthrop Avenue to the east side of College Avenue.
  • Carrollton Avenue will be closed from Broad Ripple Avenue south to Hubbard & CrAvenuens Coffee & Tea Co.
  • Guilford Avenue will be closed from Broad Ripple Avenue north to the alley adjacent to Bleecker Street and south to the alley servicing Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • Westbound traffic on Broad Ripple Avenue will be routed north on Winthrop Avenue, and continue on Westfield Boulevard where traffic may venture into Broad Ripple Village or north to 75th Street. Southbound traffic on Winthrop Avenue may proceed to Kessler Boulevard to head east or west on Kessler Boulevard.  Traffic will be diverted by a qualified person at the intersection.
  • East Westfield Boulevard will be open through the village with traffic eastbound only from College Avenue to Guilford Avenue and east/west traffic from Guilford Avenue to Winthrop Avenue.
  • Guilford Avenue closures at the alleys will allow the alleys to stay open to service traffic, deliveries, and parking.
  • Although closed, Broad Ripple Avenue will be accessible from Winthrop Avenue to Carrollton Avenue during yet-to-be determined hours for deliveries and at all times for emergencies.
  • Broad Ripple Avenue at College Avenue can continue north to East Westfield Boulevard, or 75th Street, or south to Kessler Boulevard

More information about Broad Ripple-specific changes and celebrations are avalable online.




Look for this special section in your
Baltimore Sun newspaper on Dec. 29, 2013.
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