Stretching Your Dollar: Hoosiers utilize cheaper medical group

There is a new Indianapolis group created by doctors to help patients save a lot of money and get quality care.

Many Hoosiers are putting off crucial medical tests because health care costs continue to go up.

There is a new Indianapolis group created by doctors to help patients save a lot of money and get quality care.

It’s called Objective Diagnostics or ODx. 

It's a newly formed network of physicians across the state that was founded by Dr. Robert Gregori

“First and foremost we offer quality testing. It’s vital medical testing such as EMG's, MRI's, & CT scans and it’s offered to patients for 40 to 60 percent less than typical,” said Dr. Gregori.

New patient Amy Magan has been living with carpal tunnel syndrome for eight years.

“I knew I had carpel tunnel syndrome. I could tell just by the symptoms,” said Amy Magan. “I was having, but I didn't know how bad it was.  Turns out, it was bad, virtually no nerve response in my hand. I mean I would be carrying a plate, or I would be sitting and talking to someone, and all of a sudden it would just fall.”

One of the reasons she never got tested for carpal tunnel was the cost.

“We hadn't met our deductible yet, so anything that I was going to spend on this testing was going to be out of my pocket,” said Magan. “So to be able to get this testing for $1,000 versus $2,000 was significant.”

Given the less expensive deal and her worsening condition, she got tested.  She found it helpful that they tell you how much the testing will cost with no insurance company to deal with and no deductibles. 

“It kind of makes you feel in control a little bit,” said Magan. “You don't feel like someone's going to try to pull a fast one on you.  You know up front. The testing was easy. After that, the doctor recommended where to have the surgery.”

Magan underwent an outpatient procedure.  She was home that afternoon, and kept a wrap on her hands for 5 days.  In 10 days, her stitches were out and Amy was back to normal. 

“It is really amazing the difference,” said Magan. “I mean I've almost have forgotten how it felt to not feel.”

For more information on ODx click here.





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