Heavy rain and high winds move into the circle city as we enter the early evening hours.

CAPE at 6 PM

CAPE at 6 PM

Storms are moving into Indianapolis during the 6 PM hour.  Heavy rain, pea sized hail and some gusty winds are expected as the storm passes the circle city. 

A Tornado Watch remains in effect until 8 PM across much of our viewing area but the support for stronger storms is really starting to decrease.  A cap is building (warm layer of air aloft that makes it hard for storms to become stronger) over much of Central Indiana and because of that, widespread severe weather is now unlikely.  In the picture provided, the cap is representation by anything shaded in blue. Even CAPE values are dropping drastically.  You can thank cloud cover and sunset for the decrease in explosive energy in the atmosphere.

But storms aren't done yet.  Storm tops are still coming in around 30,000 ft and this can produce some heavy downpours, large hail and gusty winds.  Some of the strongest storms left are along I-70 at the 6 PM hour in the western part of the state. 

Chief Meteorologist Brian Wilkes and I will continue to monitor the storms as we go into the evening hours.  Stay tuned to Fox 59 for the latest LIVE updates if warnings get issued.





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