A crash involving a stolen car sent four people to the hospital early Wednesday morning. It happened on the south side near State Avenue and Raymond Street around 4:30 a.m. Three of them are juveniles according to police.

Two of them were trapped in the car. Emergency crews were able to get them out and they were taken to Wishard Hospital. Officials tell us one person is in critical condition and the situation is very grave. As a result, they are treating the scene as a possible fatal accident scene.

A bystander told police they saw two more people running from the scene. Those two were later caught and were also taken to the hospital.

Fox59 spoke to the man who's wife owns the stolen car.

"I was going to get a shower and at the same time heard ignition go off and I looked outside and said, 'is the car gone?' and went outside and it wasn't there," said Jesus Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said his car was broken into over the weekend. Someone stole pain medication and his wife's car keys. Then Wednesday, his wife's car was stolen. Police say the license plate had been sliced off when they found the car.