This December is one for the weather record books. With more than three times more snowfall than an average December, many in Central Indiana are getting sick of shoveling their sidewalks and icing their driveways. However, for some local stores as the snow falls, sales go up.

Pat Sullivan with Sullivan Hardware and Garden Center says he's had to re-stock the shovel shelf three times already this winter.

"It's just been cold right on through, so that's a lot of ice melt and a lot of shovels," Sullivan said.

The store is selling more winter weather merchandise, but less outdoor Christmas decorations than a typical holiday season. Sullivan speculates it's because the early and continuous snowfall caught people off guard, and then they gave up on hanging lights outside.

B&B Snow Removal is having one of the best Decembers in years. Usually the company would do one big plow for its clients by this point in the winter. As of Monday, employees had been out four times and were expecting to plow again Tuesday morning.

The company gets paid per plow. The more it snows, the more money comes in. Ray Baker said business is up nearly 200% this year over last.

As of Monday, Indianapolis had 11 inches of snow this December. With only a few days left in the month, there are still two major storms on the radar.