ICVA announces support of smoking ban

The smoke-free ordinance aims to completely ban smoking in public locations.


The Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association (ICVA) announced their support of the smoke-free ordinance Friday.

The smoke-free ordinance aims to completely ban smoking in public locations. If passed, the ban would put an end to exemptions for bars, bowling alleys, hotel and motel rooms, workplaces and nursing homes. However, there will still be exceptions for hookah and cigar bars, as well as not for not-for-profit, private clubs.

“Eliminating smoking in Indianapolis’ hospitality industry will benefit the region’s convention and tourism industry,” said Leonard Hoops, president and CEO of the ICVA. “A smoke-free law will not only help us attract new business, but will enhance the visitors’ experience while protecting hospitality workers from secondhand smoke.”

The ICVA is the official sales and marketing organization for Indianapolis, charged with driving tourism and booking conventions.

“Indianapolis is fortunate to attract more than 18 million visitors every year. Whether they come from another state or another country, most of them are protected by smoke-free laws where they live and are shocked when they realize Indianapolis still allows smoking inside,” said Lindsay Grace, Chair of Smoke Free Indy. “We want to show our visitors that we’re a world class city that cares about the health of our guests as well as our workers.”

The smoking ban is eligible for final passage on December 19, meaning many local businesses could be smoke-free before the Super Bowl.




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