No one in their right mind could have seen the beginning of this football season being played out like it has been for the Indianapolis Colts. The absence of quarterback Peyton Manning, numerous injuries to other key players and suspect play in the first five games has prompted the fans to believe that "tanking" this season to secure the number one pick in the college draft next year is the way to go. Fortunately the remaining players haven't bought into this line of thinking.

In a story that ran from the Indianapolis Star this past Sunday, several Colts players were asked if they would ever entertain that thought of dumping the season just to secure that number one pick. Maybe Star reporter Mike Chappell knew what the responses would be but I am not sure anyone could really measure the opposition he encountered when he asked that question.

Player after player from Curtis Painter to Reggie Wayne and Dwight Freeney all scoffed at the notion of dumping a season to satisfy the fan's desires of obtaining what will undoubtedly be the first selection next spring, quarterback Andrew Luck of Stanford.

Responses like "holding the number one in the 2012 draft does nothing for me" to "it's a slap in the face" were some of the tamer replies but Robert Mathis probably said what others were thinking. His reply, and I quote, "You have to understand we're professionals. We don't go through training camp, minicamp, OTA's, offseason training camp just to tank a year for a college player that's unproven. To HELL with that. I'm not tanking anything. You can write that. I'm not sucking for nobody!"

All I can say is AMEN to that Robert! Finally someone with enough common sense to make fans realize it is ok for them to think about things that should be happening on the football field but their livelihood isn't on the line. Imagine if you went into your job and just goofed off for a couple of hours or worse yet, a couple of days. I would dare say you wouldn't have a job for too long. So why should anyone think the Colts players want to go down this road as well? They don't and won't. There is too much on the line to act like a nitwit and only play at half speed.

I would think for guys who are in contract years like Reggie Wayne any team that might think of courting him if he chooses not to go back to the Colts would look at his final season and see one of the poorest performances ever and say no way to bringing him on board.

Look, the Colts might go 0 - 16 and be in line to chose Luck or whomever else they want either via the draft or in trade. But any player who believes their worth or the team's worth would be better by tanking a season to secure an unproven player needs to get a grip on reality. You wouldn't or shouldn't do it in your life so why should you expect a professional sports team to go that route. Come on Colts fans; don't make a bad situation worse by living in a fantasy world. It's just not worth it.