Yahoo! has just released a list of celebs that have actually admitted to have some cosmetic work done.  See if anyone you thought made the list. 

Jennifer Aniston: Jen admitted to having nose surgery (rhinoplasty).  She says it was to correct a "deviated septum," NOT for cosmetic purposes. 

Kathy Griffin: Kathy has had an eye-lift, a face lift, and liposuction.  Apparently she did all that to boost her career; but that didn't happen, so she says she's has to come to terms with her body as it is.  She's even included it in her stand up acts. 

Janet Jackson: Well I'm sure everybody guessed at least one of the Jacksons.  Aside from her brother, Michael, having every sort of facial reconstruction possible, Janet has admitted to only having a nose job when she was just 16 years old.  She denies having had a rib or two removed to have a smaller waist.  Now if only her other siblings will come clean and tell us what we already, too, Joe!

Jennifer Grey: Anyway, the "Dirty Dancing" star says that in the early '90s, she had a botched nose job that required a second, corrective surgery.  Ouch! However, she admits that even though her nose turned out cute and perfect, it was a mistake because it took her from "stardom to anonymity."  Basically, no recognized her in anymore.   "Nobody puts Baby in the corner!" LOL! Sorry, I had to do it.

Kenny Rogers: Apparently, this guy has had work done all over. But, he says he regrets changing his looks so drastically.  He says he's missing the warmth once present in his eyes.  *blank stare*

Janice Dickinson: Well, in this case, there's no point in denying what the whole world can see.  Same holds true for a few people on this list.  But, the fiesty Miss Janice is obssessed with plastic surgery.  She has reportedly spent about $100,000 on procedures.  She even flies to Dallas every six months for Botox injections.  Okay, now, pretty soon she's gonna start looking like Joan Rivers!