Ike's Remnants cause massive outages across Southern Indiana. Duke Energy officials report 300,000 of their customers in Southern Indiana lost power after the remnant's of former Hurricane Ike rolled through Sunday.

"This could be the most devastating storm ever for our customers, " said Steve Bahr, Duke Energy. Monday night about 7,000 people in Southern Indiana from Bloomington to Clarksville still had no power.

"It could be Saturday before power to everyone is back," said Bahr.

"Basically all we're doing is being patient," said Mark Wulf. Mark and his wife Janice haven't had power since Sunday afternoon. "We were watching the first half of the Colts game and then it went out so we never got to see the second half," said Wulf.

Janice broke her leg two weeks ago. She says the outage is just adding insult to injury.

"We have to use flashlights and I can't hold the crutches and the flashlight at the same time."

But Monday evening, the Wulfs got their wish. At about 5:00 pm a Duke Crew showed up at their downed power lines and began work. A large tree had fallen on the lines which led part of the Kinser Pike neighborhood outage.