A man claims he was having an epileptic seizure when police were trying to arrest him using a stun gun. Police say he was resisting arrest.

Randy Lynn told Fox59 News he was walking along West Washington Street when the bright sun reflecting off the snow triggered a seizure. Metro police say when officers arrived, Lynn was bloody and had a white substance under his nose. He never responded verbally. Officers say he struggled while they tried to take him into custody.

"They stunned me three times. Said in the report the police officer slapped me three times and other than that that's all I know," said Randy.

Lynn said he's been suffering from epilepsy since he was seven years old.

Reporter: "Ever fight with anybody when you were having epilepsy or you don't know?"  

Lynn: "I couldn't tell you."

Randy claims the bright light bouncing off the white snow is enough to trigger an epileptic episode and his sister says one of the paramedics responding to the scene said he remembered Randy from a previous incident. Tracy Lynn said she tried to explain the situation to police.

"I explained to five cops, a supervisor, I explained he has epilepsy, he's really incoherent and he said, well, he beat the hell out of one of my cops. I said he couldn't have did it knowingly," she said.

Lynn is now facing charges of public intoxication, resisting and disarming law enforcement. Meanwhile, his sister says she's going to get him dog tags or a bracelet to warn others he's epileptic.