Smiling is no happy matter for people who think they have too much gum. Now doctors say there may be a way to help without going under the knife.

Angela Horton, 36, believes there's something wrong with her smile. "When I'm smiling I feel conscientious about the fact that those gums are showing," said Horton.

Horton has what is called a gummy smile which means gum tissue is overly exposed while smiling.

"You smile naturally -- it's nice to see the bottom part of the upper lip and the top part of the upper tooth. When you smile really large and people show too much gum, then it's an indication that the muscles are pulling too strongly," explained Dr.Jill Debiasi who is a dentist.

Debiasi has found a solution to this "gummy" problem. For about $300 -- a little shot of botox to those muscles and voila! Debasi said it works because "botox is used to decrease the amount of elevator muscles that pull the smile up."

Four to six days after the injection, the upper lip will fall, covering the over-exposed gums giving patients a natural new look. Something that angela is hoping for. "I'm constantly meeting with people and it does help to feel natural, that you can be natural in your smile," said Horton

But botox is not for every gummy smile. According to Debasi, "sometimes the distance is too high that botox is not going to cure that. So more than six or seven millimeter of gummy smile then you need surgery, gum surgery where they can cut the gums."

If you are a candidate for this gummy smile quick fix, experts say it's important to find a doctor who knows the muscles in the face and who will target the right smile muscles with the right amount of botox.