MUNCIE, IN (FOX 59) - The Muncie Police Department confirmed a man was arrested, accused of child molesting.


Tory Mercado was arrested, Monday, October 24th.  Mercado had been cast as Roger in the performance RENT, which was showing at the Muncie Civic Theater.  According to the President of the Muncie Civic Theater Board, Mercado performed at two shows before he was arrested.

"It eats at you because you know that type of behavior is not something you would condone," Board President, Gary Kern said.  "{It is an} unfortunate incident.  {It} did not occur at the theater nor with anybody associated with the theater to our knowledge," Kern explained.


Kern said they replaced Mercado with another actor.  Lisa Wade went to see the show this weekend.  She said she found out Mercado had been arrested through other cast members.  "A lot of us were very concerned about it.  Again, he hasn't been convicted of anything so we can't pass judgement on him quite yet.  It is a very serious crime and it should be very seriously looked at, but he is not representative of everyone at the theater," Wade said.


Kern told FOX 59, to his knowledge, Mercado did not have a criminal record.  He said they conduct background checks when their shows involve children.  RENT is an adult performance.  "We struggle with the same thing churches and non for profits do when you have 4 or 500 volunteers a year and when you have a cost associated with background checks, who do you check and when do you check and I think that's something the environment we live in," Kern said.

Kern said this show was the first time Mercado had performed for them.  The show will run through November 5th.