Mission workers from Kokomo shot during volunteer trip in Haiti

According to the Kokomo Tribune, the church's senior pastor sent an email to the staff informing them of the shooting.

Four missionaries from Kokomo, Ind. were shot Thursday night during an attempted robbery in Haiti.  

The four men wounded in the shooting were part of a group of 14 mission workers from Oakbrook Church in Kokomo who went to Haiti to volunteer.

The church’s senior pastor sent an email to the staff informing them of the shooting.  The pastor said six gunmen broke into the apartment where the mission workers were staying.  

In the letter, the pastor states no one was fatally wounded, but one man was shot in the thigh, one in the elbow and another one sustained injury to his thumb.  The pastor said another man from their group suffered injuries to his feet after he jumped from a second-story window to get some help.

The workers returned home Friday.  A private jet picked up nine of the missionaries Friday morning and later returned for the remaining five.  

The following is the letter sent by Pastor Mark Malin:

“Oakbrook Family and Friends,

I wanted to write you and inform you of what is happening with our team the is serving in Haiti.

I know word is beginning to spread through social media about what happened to our team so I wanted inform you and ask you to pray.

Last night around midnight six armed Haitians attempted to break in and rob our team. Through the heroic efforts of the guys on our team this attempt was unsuccessful.

However four of our guys were wounded by gunshot. Praise God no one was fatally wounded! Morgan Young and Rex Byers were both shot in the thigh of their leg. Bruce Donaldson was shot in his elbow. And Chris Herr has a minor injury to his thumb from a bullet that grazed his hand. All these injuries have been treated and the guys are doing well. Jason Braun also suffered some injuries to his feet as he jumped from a second story window to run and get help.

As you can imagine the entire team has been shaken up by this unfortunate event. But I'm thankful to tell you they are all safe now!

We have made arrangements to get them all home as soon as possible. Plans are in place to have them all out of the country and back in the US today.

Please join me in praying all throughout the day for this team.

Pray that the travel arrangements will go as planed. Pray for those who have been physically injured. Pray for their families. And pray that God's peace will surround them in the days ahead as they recover from this traumatic experience.


Mark Malin”





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Baltimore Sun newspaper on Dec. 29, 2013.
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