A missing 10-year-old boy from the city's northwest side has been found safe and sound. Abdou Thiam was found at St. Vincent hospital on 86th Street several hours after he didn't show up at school. The hospital is 2 1/2 miles away from where emergency crews began their search.

It was a cold day to take a walk, as 10-year-old Abdou Thiam found out. The boy left his home Thursday morning in the Crooked Creek development and walked to New Augusta Elementary School. When he got close, police say he turned around and nobody knew where he was. He never showed up to school. That's when a search involving firefighters, police and tracking dogs began.

"Of course I would be very concerned especially with this weather, even in the house its cold and obvsiouly I think everybody in the neighborhood would be out and looking for him," said neighbor George Wairikuo.

A couple miles away and a couple hours after the search began, Abdou showed up at St. Vincent's Hospital. Marcia Shinn told Fox59 she found the boy in the third floor playroom of Peyton Manning's Children's Hospital at St. Vincent. She says he was cold, wet and hungry. Shinn claims he told her he was there visiting a friend and that he had walked more than two and half hours.

He then began asking the woman about the warning signs for frostbite.

"He was obviously cold and that what the investigators have told me that when he walked in and they knew something wasn't right. He wasn't hiding, we believe he just walked here. Obviously that's quite a ways away to walk from his neighborhood. which is where the school was. up to here. So that's a pretty long walk," said IMPD Officer Kendale Adams.

Shinn told Fox59 she fed Abdou lunch in the cafeteria while nurses and social workers sorted out his story and called police.