Memorial Day weekend is here and millions of Americans making their first getaway of the summer. It's going to cost you a pretty penny to hit the road.

The average price of gas according to is about $3.92 a gallon in Indianapolis. While that's down from the $4.10 we saw last month, it's way up from the $2.46 we saw last memorial day weekend. That means, if you have a 15-gallon tank it'll cost you $22.80 more to fill up this year. So how about airfare?

Well, even though jet fuel prices are up about 48% from this time last year, many of the airlines haven't been able to pass along those increases. So, they're flying larger planes and packing in the travelers. It's not difficult to tell that airlines have figured out the financial puzzle. As travelers pour into the terminal at the Indianapolis International Airport from all corners for the Indy 500, Timothy Gamble came from Connecticut by way of Detroit.

"Both planes were full completely," he said. "There's a lot of people coming here."

Another traveler from Kansas City weathered two packed planes.

"The second plane was very crowded from Chicago," he told Fox59 News. "The first plane was mostly full, but it was alright."

Indianapolis International's Air Services Director, Christofer Matney says despite the increase, the airport is ready for the estimated 182-thousand people expected to stream through the terminal this weekend.

"The fact that the planes are full, shows that people are buying tickets and travel is up," said Matney.

Airport officials said the security at the airport is the same as it's been, for liquids, shoes, etc., they still suggest arriving an hour-and-a-half before your flight time. Of course, the bulk of Memorial Day travel will be on the roads. Tiffany Burks and her family were headed to Geneva, Illinois

"With two kids and a dog, driving is a lot cheaper than flying. It's better to drive for us, so we can stop and kind of stretch legs and I enjoy driving better, but with the gas prices, it's crazy."  

According to AAA, three big weekend destination city's prices are cheaper than Indy's average of $3.91 per gallon. St. Louis is just $3.66, while Louisville's average is $3.84, and Cincinnati is $3.86. There's a big jump up in Chi-town, where a gallon of regular unleaded will set you back $4.54.

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