There were memorials throughout Haiti Wednesday to mark the one year anniversary of the 7.0 earthquake that devastated the country.

The quake killed almost a quarter of a million people and injured 300,000 more.

A year has passed, but more than a million and a half people are still homeless and living in tent camps.

Cholera and other diseases have also ravaged the population.

Fox59 news sat down with some Indiana volunteers who have given their time and money to rebuild a school outside the capital of Port-au-Prince.

"I can honestly say that I think Haiti is in a worse state now than they were the day of the earthquake," Pittsboro Fire Chief and volunteer Greg Land said.

A year ago "Creating Hope in Haiti" was born at a fire station in Pittsboro with volunteers dedicated to rebuilding one crucial piece of the massive broken puzzle that is Haiti.

"People are still living in tent cities and their rainy season is hurricane rain. It's mountains with no trees so there are lots of mudslides that completely wipe out these tent cities," volunteer Karin Hume said.

Sara Westrich said the school children her group worked with changed her life. She said a young girl named Deashley was frightened by thunder one night because she did not know if it was another earthquake.

"That same night, she was so excited, she came running up to us with a little box that had 5 crackers in it and she wanted to share them with us... That was her dinner and probably the only dinner she was going to get for awhile. That breaks your heart, especially as a parent that she was going to share her dinner with us not knowing when she was going to get another," Westrich said.

"I don't know how anybody can go down there and not have a huge spot in their heart for these people."