Della Stanley-Green remembers the moment when she gave her full attention to the West Nile Virus.

"That was when my brother got it."

Stanley-Green's brother, a college professor in Kansas, was lucky his illness did not end in death. The family had weeks of worrying in 2005.

"There was a little anxiety when we found out it was West Nile because that was back when it was more in the news than it is now," said Stanley-Green.

All over the news and all over the internet West Nile used to command a lot of attention but now not so much.

One man eating lunch on Monument Circle Friday afternoon told Fox 59 News, "I'm really not that worried."

The biting, virus carrying mosquitoes have fallen off the radar a bit for more than a year.

With two confirmed human cases of the West Nile in Indiana, one of those in Marion County, the State Department of Health is hoping to renew interest in virus prevention.

"We do not currently have a human vaccine available for this virus," said ISDH Veterinarian Jennifer House.

The only vaccine available is for horses humans, though, can protect themselves in other ways House says.

"Mosquitoes can breed in anything as little as a table spoon of water so anything on your property that could collect water needs to be dried out frequently so that mosquitoes don't breed."

Hoosiers should consider themselves fortunate says Andrea Picerno who was visiting Indianapolis from Jacksonville, Florida.

"Just recently they said there was an outbreak of Dengue Fever down in the Keys and it was spreading up through the regular section of Florida," said Picerno.

Add to that the concerns we all should have about the spread of St. Louis Encephalitis and now mosquitoes are back on the radar again.

Take it from Della Stanley-Green, "At least pay attention and put a little bug spray on. Think about it and don't assume it's not going to happen to you."