A Hoosier lawmaker wants to give closed Chrysler and GM dealerships a fighting chance.

Representative Dan Burton met with several dealerships Saturday who lost their franchises earlier this month.

They are still selling cars at Palmer Dodge North on 96th Street.

"We've been a Chrysler dealer since 1956. We still want to sell Chryslers," said Palmer Auto Group President Gary Huffman.

You can still buy a Chrysler, but your options are few and the model certainly won't be new.

The dealership is one of the hundreds of Chrysler dealerships forced to close when the company eliminated its franchise. Since then, Palmer Auto has become a used car dealership, relying on those sales and and auto repairs to pay the bills.

"There's some hope but it's a tough deal right now," said Huffman.

Congressman Dan Burton thinks Palmer and many other Chrysler and GM dealerships got a tough deal. Saturday he visited several and explained two bills he co-sponsored that would restore franchise rights.

"After talking to a number of dealers I'm convinced that there's no necessity to be making all these closures. The members of congress have been told this is what has to be done but there's been no facts given to us on why it was to be done," said Rep. Dan Burton.

"We basically believe that the free market should determine who survives and who doesn't survive," said Huffman.

For now, Palmer Dodge stays afloat -- treading water at the same location it's sold the Chrysler brand for more than 50 years. But even owners and officials admit a congressional lifeline would help.

"That's all you can do is hope for the best and look at the opportunities to try to keep your loyal employees that you can...but it's hard," said Huffman.