Sunday is another Knozone Air Quality Action Day in Indianapolis.  Knozone is a voluntary air pollution reduction program for the city.

FOX 59 Meteorologist Ron Smiley says the temperature is expected to reach 91.  But the quality of the air could be unhealthy for people who are sensitive to air pollutants.

Smog can be formed near ground levels when emissions from engines and machinery react with sunlight.  It can cause breathing problems, especially for people suffering from asthma.  Active children and elderly have a high risk of developing breathing problems during this time.  And don’t forget to give your pets plenty of water.  Try to bring them inside in a cooler environment during peak heat periods.

Health officials encourage everyone to help reduce the amount of emissions during these periods.  They suggest reducing vehicle idling, biking or walking instead of driving, carpooling, taking the bus, combining errands, and filling gas tanks and mowing the grass after 6 p.m.

Ron Smiley says it’ll get even hotter Monday with a high around 94, but he says with the heat index, it’ll feel more like 100-110 degrees outside.  Click here for the FOX 59 Weather Authority Forecast.