Nearly thirty two years to the day John Cougar Mellencamp played and promoted his first album at the tiny Crump Theater in Columbus, the rocker returned.

The multi-platinum recording was honored by Mayor Fred Armstrong himself.

"And whereas, John has chosen to make Indiana his home and has made tremendous contributions to the institutions and people of our great state," said Mayor Fred Armstrong.

"I don't really remember playing here, but that was thirty years ago. Now who can remember thirty years ago" asked Mellencamp.

But aside from all the applause and adoration, Mellencamp was here for a much greater cause - raising money for those devastated by the June floods in Bartholomew County.

"I think its great. Any time that you have an artist that gives back - its genuine in this case - its great," said fan Larry Philpot.

"I think he's never lost his roots in Indianapolis and Indiana, so its just typical of him to give back. That's why we like him," said fan Lisa Beals.

And judging by the crowds who lined up outside Crump three decades later, flood victims here near Mellencamp's hometown will benefit from his success, his popularity, and his generosity.

About 100 tickets were auctioned off for charity Tuesday night. Forty-two thousand dollars was raised that will go to the Bartholomew County Long-Term Flood Relief Fund.