Indianapolis braces for second wave of Super Bowl visitors

Starting Thursday, 150,000 people are expected to visit Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI.


Starting Thursday, 150,000 people are expected to visit Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI.
"We're entering the red zone, certainly heading into the weekend where 130 private parties, happening Thursday to Sunday. (There will be) 1,000 corporate jets starting to land in the next four days," VP of Marketing & Communications for the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association, Chris Gahl said.
Super Bowl guests, coming in town Thursday, were required to book a 4-night hotel stay.

"Sixty-five percent of those (people) are corporate decision makers. They have the influence to decide where a convention or meeting will be held or whether to relocate a business and have an affluence to come back with family and friends," Gahl said.
Fans may already start to see many big names in town already. At the JW Marriott, former Dallas Cowboys player Michael Irvin was spotted taking pictures with fans.

"It's pretty cool just to see all the celebrities. Michael Irvin. I just saw him," Toronto Blue Jays player Adam Lind said.
Lind is a Hoosier native and was starstruck himself.

"I think it's great for the city. (It is) probably the biggest thing that's ever happened to this state, not just Indianapolis, and all the infrastructure that's being built because of this event," Lind said.
Gahl said since the Super Bowl Village and the Zipline opened a couple of days ago, he believes the city will be ready for the next wave of fans who will visit Indianapolis, starting Thursday.

"The global spotlight is shinning on us and has been since Friday," Gahl said.

"I think we've done a great job with the resources we have," Lind said.
Last weekend, Gahl said about 200,000 people visited the city.  He said hotels and businesses will continue to roll out the red carpet for fans who are visiting the city.




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