EVENT:  ICO Conversations: Music and War
DATE:   Saturday, January 31, 2009
TIME:   8pm - 10pm
WHERE:  Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center - Basile Theater
COST:   $25/Adult; $10/Student
INFO:   (317) 940 - 9607
WEB:    http://www.icomusic.org/concerts/59?c=77

How have composers been affected by war? How do the emotional effects of war play out in their compositions? How have different composers influenced each other when dealing with the topic of war? These questions will all be addressed on Saturday, January 31st at "ICO Conversations: Music and War" in an intimate, conversational concert hosted by Paul Phillips, a conductor, composer, pianist, and music scholar at Brown University. Phillips is best known for his writings on Igor Stravinsky and Anthony Burgess. On January 31st, he will explore music as a medium to convey the spirit and emotions of war in an unforgettable ICO Conversations concert that applies not only to the past, but to the present as well. For more details to this reserved seating event call: (317) 940 - 9607.