Ice cream gets Italian twist for fair's Signature Food

The Indiana State Fair announced Tuesday that Spaghetti Ice Cream from Monore Concessions will be this year¿s ¿Signature Food¿ at the fair.

It’s spaghetti and meatballs without the spaghetti or the meatballs.

The Indiana State Fair announced Tuesday that Spaghetti Ice Cream from Monroe Concessions will be this year’s “Signature Food” at the fair.

The $5 dish includes Italian ice cream (“gelato”) with strawberry “tomato sauce,” shaved white chocolate “cheese” and chocolate meatballs. Fairgoers can find the winning treat on Main Street across from the Pepsi Coliseum. The prime spot is given to the winning concessionaire every year.

Bob and Joanie Monroe came up with the concept after learning that the fair’s theme is “Year of Dairy Cows” and will feature an exhibit on Italy in the International Pavilion. As for winning, they’ve done this before. In 2006, their deep-fried chocolate covered strawberries won the inaugural “Signature Food” competition.

“The last time we won it was so much fun seeing all the kids get excited about our food,” Joanie Monroe said. “This year will be great because kids will love the idea of spaghetti ice cream. It’s something people of all ages will like.”

Since this year’s theme is “Year of Dairy Cows,” competitors had to use dairy products in their creations.

Five other entries vying for Signature Food will also be available at the Indiana State Fair:

  • Cheese Squared (Coffman Concessions):  Chipotle, creamy spinach or garlic herb cream cheese wrapped in Swiss cheese, then lightly breaded and fried. ($6 for 5 squares)
  • Moo Chew Meal (American Dairy Association):  A light, refreshing lemon chiller milkshake served with a sourdough grilled cheese sandwich loaded with American and Pepper Jack cheese. ($5)
  • Micro Beer Cheese Sauce (Barto’s Catering):  Local micro brew-fused beer cheese sauce served on either fresh cut fries, hefty burger or on the side for dipping. ($1/cup)
  • Caramel Corn Sundae (Baskin Robbins):  Vanilla ice cream with hot caramel topping, caramel corn, fresh whipped cream, nuts and a cherry. ($5.50 for 2 scoops)
  • Blue Ribbon Cannoli (Bakerman Concessions):  A crisp Italian cookie shell filled with sweet, whipped ricotta cheese, whipping cream, powdered sugar, mini chocolate chips and dried berries, finished off with a powdered sugar sprinkle.  ($6 for 2)


The Indiana State Fair runs from August 3 to August 19.





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