Desert Storm Veterans Scott Stump and John Jordan are making it their mission to remember 20 years later.

"I will never forget that experience. It was a tumultuous time, and we weren't sure how successful it would be," said Jordan.

The swift air and ground attacks were seen as successful. U.S. troops were back in major battle for the first time since the Vietnam War and drove Saddam Hussein's army out of Kuwait.

Jordan says it's important to remember the 293 troops who lost their lives in the battle and the thousands of survivors who put their lives on the line. That's why he and Stump created Illustrate My Life. It's a project to honor each solider with hand-drawn commemorative illustrations. They presented the idea Saturday at the American Legion conference.

"So often when you have war mementos, they end up in a drawer or collecting dust on a shelf. We wanted something that could be visible, that would spur conversation, and that a person could walk by every day as a reminder of their service," said Stump.

This week the two will travel to College Station, Texas for a 20th anniversary ceremony for Desert Storm. President George H.W. Bush and other leaders who were in command during the operation will be there. Jordan and Stump will present Bush with his own commemorative illustration.

The next step is to work on creating a national memorial in Washington D.C. for Desert Storm veterans. To find out more about the project visit