Some would call me a hater, but nothing is further from the truth. I don't hate Peyton Manning or the Indianapolis Colts. I am just being a realist is saying that the day Peyton Manning walks off the field for the Colts  that is not going to be the end of football for this city.

If the labor dispute ever ends Indianapolis will have perhaps one of the most difficult decisions ever to face this football team and that is coming to an agreement with their future Hall of Famer. Both sides will be coming to the table with their version of what they want, but I really wonder if reality will outweigh desires in the end.

Let's face it; Peyton is no longer that youthful guy from Tennessee. And while he has endured season after season of being relatively injury free something bad is bound to happen. I am not wishing doom or gloom, but look at other quarterbacks from past seasons. Steve McNair was about as tough a quarterback as you could find, but ultimately he broke down. Same with Favre and even Vick. The position lends itself to something happening in a negative way and while Peyton has skirted around that area he is due for something to go wrong big time. So as long as you are ok with keeping all of your eggs in one basket by re-signing Manning to a long term contract then that is fine. I however, am not.

Look, the Colts have been to two Super Bowls. Personally I thought they should have been in more, but the NFL is set up so that any team that dominates one year sometimes finds them self at the bottom looking up. Indy has been fortunate. For the majority of Manning's years with the team, the Colts have been in playoffs more often than not. But you can't ignore that there are changes happening with this team and if money starts to get tied up in long term contracts then I wonder not only about the success of this upcoming season, but the seasons to follow. I have had many a person tell me that this year is the only year that is important, which is fine, but if you don't have the money to sign rookies and free agents next year or the year after because the cash register is empty, then what is the gain?

So go ahead a mortgage the farm and re-sign Peyton to a bijillion year contract. But then when there is no name talent around him to help block and not score then don't flood the complaint box with how bad the Colts are. Sure, it is fine to live for this season, but for me personally I hope there is a future for next year and the years to come based upon sound judgment and decisions now and not on fantasy forecasts.