Eli Manning says Super Bowl win isn't about his legacy

The two-time most valuable player of the NFL Championship continues to talk team even after becoming just the fifth player in NFL history to win two-or-more


Perhaps there will come a time and place where the word "Peyton" won't be brought up around Eli.

It's not happening this week. Not in number 18's city of residence.

One last news conference for Eli Manning on Monday morning featured more talk of the quarterback's famed brother. especially since the Giants signal caller passed Peyton with his second Super Bowl title with a 21-17 win over the Patriots on Sunday.

But a stoic yet cheerful Manning continued to show patience and grace with the inquiries about his brother, but was unrelenting in his stance that the glow of a Giants Super Bowl title shouldn't simply shine the brightest on him.

 "This isn't about bragging rights," said Eli when asked if he had some after passing Peyton for number of Super Bowl wins. "This is a lot bigger. This is about a team, an organization being named world champions.

"That was the ultimate goal."

That came true in the 46th edition of the Super Bowl at Lucas Oil Stadium some ten hours earlier. For the second time in his career, Manning led a fourth-quarter drive that led to the game-winning touchdown by Ahmed Bradshaw and a second title in five years.

It was a win celebrated with teammates along with most of his family including Peyton, who shared some time after the win with his recently crowned MVP brother.

"He was proud of me, he was proud of the team," said Eli when asked what Peyton said to him following Sunday's win. "A quarterback like Peyton is he knows the game well and he asks questions a lot a lot of people wouldn't ask.

"Like the touchdown to Victor Cruz he asked if I saw that middle linebacker running out and I didn't."

But brother was willing to give credit where it was due-especially on what many are calling the biggest catch of the game. To start the final drive, Manning hit Mario Manningham for a 38-yard sideline tip-toe grab that put the Giants in Patriots territory-and drew praise from Peyton.

"He was mad because everyone kept talking about what a great catch it was. He said 'It was a pretty good throw also,'" said Manning. "That's brother looking out for me."

For now, however, Eli is looking towards the future and the potential to build a small dynasty much as the Patriots did in the 2000s. A number of players, like Cruz and Manningham, are still young and Manning continues to show that he is entering the prime of his career.

A 30-for-40, 296-yard performance in the Super Bowl might not be the last of his career.

"I'm excited about a number of young guys who stepped up this season," said Manning. "There were some questions going into the beginning of the season on a few spots but that quickly got answered."

Just like the ones about his brother.





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