A high school play is set to start Thursday night, despite protest from anti-gay advocates. Two demonstrations already took place outside the school on Thursday.

Just before the end of school protestors filled the sidewalks by the dozens in front of North Central High School.

This while a large group of Indianapolis metro police officers kept a watchful eye.

The larger group on the south side of 86th Street was there to send a message to those on the other side of the street, representatives of the Westboro Baptist Church who've come here from Topeka, Kansas.

Westboro's members who planned to conduct several protests in the area disagree with the Washington Township School District's decision to allow students to stage the 'Laramie Project', a play that chronicles the impact of the 1998 beating death of gay college student Matthew Sheppard.

Those who support the school's decision to stage the play say it delivers a message of tolerance.

Washington Township School Superintendent James Mervilde would not give Fox 59 an interview saying through a spokesperson that he does not want to give more publicity to the protestors from Kansas.