RICHMOND- A Virginia Supreme Court unanimously rejected the appeal of an Indiana man convicted of the 1995 murder of a college student.

Bloomington native Dustin Truner and fellow Navy SEAL trainee Bily Joe Brown were both convicted of killing 21 year old Jennifer Evans.

Turner met Evans at a Virginia Beach bar in June 1995 and then left with her and Brown. Evans never made it home.

Both men were put on trial and each accused one another of the crime, but both were convicted the following year.

In 2003, Brown admitted he alone strangled Evans in the backseat of a car and that Turner helped him bury her body.

Since then, Turner's been using that confession to appeal his conviction. His appeals process made it all the way to Supreme Court, where justices decided this week he would not be exonerated. They felt Truner could still be guilty of abducting Evans by deciet with the intent to defile.

Turner's mother Linda Summitt, callled Fox 59 after the ruling to express her disappointment.

"I was shocked, and just really numb," said Summitt. "It's grief. It's all over again."

She was angry and felt the justices were unfair, but said she still believed her son was innocent even if the courts don't.

"I'll always fight for my son. And I will never give up. And I will never give up hope."

Summitt said Turner can appeal again, but she's not sure his attorney will try.