A smile takes just a second, but the memory of it can last forever. For some, getting their teeth fixed is purely cosmetic. For a patient Cheryl Kahn, it was necessary.

"I had some bad crowns," she told Fox59 News.

Before she spent money and time, she was hoping she could see what the end product might look like. That's where a software program called "Envision A Smile" comes in.

"For 30 years I've been involved in cosmetic dentistry," said George Kirtley, D.D.S.

Dr. Kirtley says it's a great way to basically, see your future.

"We can then through certain tools that we have created with this software, manipulate a smile that we would then insert into that patients mouth and doing it most importantly in an anatomically correct way so that we represent in the image is truly what we can attain in our end clinical result ," said Dr. Kirtley.

"You're able to see yourself and exactly what you were going to look like, the length you wanted your teeth to be, how much you wanted to fill out your smile," said patient Christy Dremonas.

"So I think I would certainly recommend it to other people.It was certainly an impact in not just an appearance thing for me, but also the overall health of my teeth," said Cheryl.

In case you're wondering how long the "Envision a Smile" process takes before you find out exactly how you're going to look : 30 minutes, maybe 45. And the best part to a lot of people, it doesn't cost a thing!

"We really want to present them with all the information that they can get to make a decision to go forth or not to," said Dr. Kirtley.

"When I looked at the imaged views if there was something I did not like, it was the perfect time to discuss that, instead of waiting until the Veneers were put in and saying I don't like this. I would rather talk about it through a photograph, so it was great," said Cheryl.

From there, every procedure is different, everyone a different price. The one thing they say that's the same though, according to Dr. Kirtley, is the peace of mind you'll get what you paid for.