City-County Council fails to override smoking ban veto

In a 16-12 vote, the City-County Council has failed to override Mayor Greg Ballard's veto on a proposed smoking ban.


In a 16-12 vote Monday, the City-County Council failed to override Mayor Greg Ballard's veto on a proposed smoking ban.

Friday, the mayor vetoed the proposed ban because because it did not meet expanded requirements he supports. Ballard said he didn't want private clubs like veterans halls included in the ban.

"He (the mayor) was very clear about what was his liking and it has come back to us. We can continue to do what we've done for the last two years and get no where on this or agree to make it work as he wants and just get it passed," said Benjamin Hunter, R-District 21.

The proposal was originally passed by the council in a 19-9 vote. It would have expanded the city's 2005 city-wide smoking ban to include bars, bowling alleys and hotel rooms. It would have allowed membership clubs to have exemption from the smoking ban but only with a hard choice: keep smoking, or allow children on the premises.

"At this point, I'm going to look to the sponsors of the proposal and see how they want to move forward," said Maggie Lewis, D-District 7.

Hunter is hopeful the councilors can come up with a solution to get something passed soon.

"It's likely, hopefully in the next 30 days. That's our desire on my side of the caucus."

The council would have been able to override Ballard's veto with 20 votes.

While the county continues to argue over where the ban should be in effect, the legislators at the Indiana Statehouse are still looking to pass a state-wide ban.




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