The Marion County Coroner's Office is still trying to determine how three-year-old Zakariya Farah and five-year-old Zuhur Farah died.

"There are no signs of injury," said Deputy Coroner Alfie Ballew.

Investigators were back at their mother's apartment Tuesday afternoon looking for clues. The mother, 28-year-old Edyan Farah, is being held on $200,000 bond after her two children were found dead in her apartment Sunday night.

Farah told police she wasn't feeding her five children and put them in an upstairs closet Sunday.

"The closet was maybe 18 inches wide and six feet long," said Linda Jackson with IMPD. "It sounds like all five children were in there early in the morning to later in the day."

Farah told police she did it because "she was not in her right mind." Farah told police she locked the children in the closet around 6 a.m. and put a large bed in front of the door so the children couldn't get out.

Her seven-year-old told police it's not the first time their mother has confined them to the closet.

Farah said she opened the closet doors around 4:20pm and found two of her children still and unresponsive. She reportedly brought them downstairs to the coach. She told police she did not attempt CPR or call 911.

Farah told police she went downstairs and spent several hours talking with a friend. Fox59 spoke to her friend who confirmed it and said Farah then came over for several more hours. The friend said she had no idea what had happened to the children.

Police say that friend's husband drove Farah home and she acted very strange and would not let him in the house.

"Through the door he thought he saw a child dead on the couch," said Jackson of a witness. "He tried to call 9-1-1 but she grabbed the phone and tore it out of his hand and threw it away."

A family member who then came to the scene found the phone and called 911. The coroner's office is waiting on toxicology tests which will indicate if the children died from suffocation.

According to the Department of Child Services there are no prior reports of child abuse on record with Farah. Police say her husband is away in Africa. The family is from Ethopia and reportedly has been in the U.S. for 10 years.

Farah will have an initial hearing Thursday morning in Marion County Criminal Court.